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Counselling and Psychotherapy is often described as a process of self discovery. It is an opportunity to nurture your inner-self gaining a deeper understanding of you and your life. The counsellor and client play an equal role in the counselling process. There is no expert in the room in a counselling relationship, but you are the expert in your own life.

Very often our past experiences shape our future actions. Behaviours and beliefs that may have seemed ok in childhood, may not be working for you now. Whether you want to look at what doesn’t work for you any more or move on from a negative childhood experience, looking at what is preventing us from moving forward with a more positive outlook is central to counselling and psychotherapy.

Counselling provides the space for you to identify tools to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and anger in many forms. It allows you to build confidence and explore new ways of bringing about change. It offers a way to gain perspective on your behaviour, emotions and relationships. It provides a means to express your-self, to understand patterns of thinking and behaving.

Essentially counselling allows you to access your inner resources. Bringing them into the awareness of the present moment and allowing you choice on how you respond to situations. Over time through counselling or psychotherapy you become more resilient and develop an increased capacity to understand yourself and your feeling thus living a happier life. When we live in the present we are acting on how we feel in the here and now.

"and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom" Anais Nin

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